The Chairman

As a public represen- tative of the people of Chuadanga and Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the First Capital University of Bangladesh, I would like to take the opportunity and feel myself delighted to congratulate the people of all strata of Khulna Division in general and Chuadanga District in particular for extending me whole hearted cooperation and support to establish a private university for the people of this region.

I am indeed grateful to the people of Chuadanga and greater Kushtia, whose inspiration, cooperation and guidance always encouraged me to undertake welfare programs for them in the past and this noble venture to establish a private university is the outcome of their inspiration and good wishes. I have no doubt that the people of this region will go ahead towards progress and prosperity and be enlightened owing to the establishment of this noble institution. I am particularly overwhelmed with joy, because we the people of Chuadanga, whose name and fame have become an integral part of our liberation war and independence, are the proud owner of this university.Read More...

The Vice-Chancellor

It gives me profound pleasure to welcome all of you to visit the campus of the First Capital University of Bangladesh (FCUB), Chuadanga, a first full-fledged private University in Khulna Division that has recently started functioning with the full approval of the Government and University Grant Commission (UGC) after fulfillment of all requirements and formalities .
The vision of they First Capital University of Bangladesh is to provide Education for Excellence that will enable young men and women of Bangladesh to face the challenges of the new millennium. The FCUB’s mission is to disseminate knowledge for human resource development aiming at enabling you young scholars to cope with the changing competitive world. The broad philosophy and objectives of education policy of the university are to provide quality education ensure uplifment of moral standard, create harmonious relationships, arouse sense of tolerance aiming at creating health atmosphere in the society which will reflect our national identity, culture and heritage.Read More...

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